The role of ecosystem services has been proved to be vital in preventing the economic and human losses caused by disasters and climate change. In the last decade we have witnessed an increase in investments in the field of ecosystem protection and conservation. On the other hand, limited attention has been addressed to the development and financing of Green Infrastructures. In fact grey solutions have often prevailed over green solutions, primarily because grey infrastructures is often perceived to be more efficient, effective and easier to implement. Despite these assumption about traditional solution they lack in providing any other type of benefits: the rationale behind the promotion of GI-based solutions is that they have the potential to contribute to both risk reduction as well as providing ancillary benefits such as positive effects on water quality, recreational amenities, economic resilience in agriculture and the provision of a wider range of other ecosystem services.
The GREEN projects aims at providing the necessary evidence on methods, tools and solutions to prove the role of green infrastructures for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

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