Task C

C: Comparative assessment and implementation:

Coordinator: FEEM

The task will (i) conduct comparative assessment of the performance of green infrastructure (GI)-based solutions, contrasted with other conventional and innovative solutions; help to initiate inclusive, collaborative policy processes that can foster a successful adoption and operation of the GI solutions; and (iii) architect formulation of the policy and business models capable to ensure an effective and efficient implementation of the GI-based solutions, as well as identify policy innovations and enablers at national and sub- national scales.

Action C.1: Comparative assessment framework:
WP2, the performance of the green-infrastructure (GI) based solutions to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) will be compared with the performance of other traditional, engineering and non-engineering, solutions.
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Action C.2: PROCESS – Comparative assessment reports for selected case studies:
The task will operate as brain trust (or think tank) for the inclusive stakeholder (SH) engagement processes established.

Action C.3: DESIGN – Synthesis report of the comparative assessments conducted in all case studies:
Policy and business design: analyse optimal policy design principles for implementing GI solutions in practice and guide the case studies in devising appropriate implementation strategies.

Action C.4: Peer review evaluation of the stakeholder engagement processes in the WP5 case studies and recommendation for improvements:
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Action C.5: Policy and business model design report in case studies:
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