Task D

D: Monitoring success and conditions for GI:

Coordinator: Eucentre

This WP builds upon user requirements identified and methods and data already available especially in the GREEN cases studies. Different monitoring programs and approaches will be mapped, compared and evaluated for their capacity to provide efficient information on the state of the GI, its development over time, its contribution to DRR and CCA, and on the observed and inferred (other) benefits of GI, while enabling information users to assess the attribution of observed conditions and changes with respect to policy and measures, and other human interventions. Attention will also be paid to participatory observation approaches and involved technologies, and their consequences for design of monitoring systems as well as of disaster reduction plans and climate change adaptation plans. Last but not least a monitoring data downstreaming service for use of Copernicus data and services will be developed in such a way that it can service a wide range of users and allows for adequate integration of Copernicus with local monitoring data.

Action D.1: Report: Inventory of user requirements for monitoring GI:
Carried out to infer success factors and essential pre-conditions for participatory monitoring and advanced use of citizen observation options.
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Action D.2: Data database Analysis:
Analysis and development of different data sources that are needed to assess and monitor GI performance.
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Action D.3: Assessment of the performance of ecosystem services:
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