Task E

E: Case studies for developing and demonstrating GI solutions:

Coordinator: Deltares

Is the central testing and demonstration facility for innovations in GI assessment, implementation and monitoring. The goal is to test and showcase beneficial effects of GI for DRR, CCA including wider benefits, to identify challenges and solutions for implementation and monitoring and to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of financing mechanisms. The cases allow for staged learning as they cover different development stages regarding current level of climate adaptation, present use of GI for DRR, hands-on experiences with applied solutions, policy measures taken or seriously considered, policy framework and private sector involvement in the implementation and maintenance of GI solutions.

Action E.1: Stakeholder inventory report:
Provides a first stakeholder inventory to map stakeholder needs related to GI.
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Action E.2: Report on Risk assessment and cost of GI:
Assess the current and future risk to and the effects of GI solutions.
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Action E.3: Report on Comparative assessment of GI:
Conduct comparative assessments (CA) of strategies containing more or less-GI solutions in terms of Costs and Benefits.
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Action E.4: Report on Policy and Business models for GI:
Each case study will analyse the current policy processes with regard to GI, identify best practices and lessons learnt and formulate recommendations on how to improve stakeholder involvement in the decision making, implementation and monitoring processes.
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Action E.5: Report on Monitoring services:
A set of areas has been selected to provide the optimal and comprehensive coverage necessary to enable both the accurate and meaningful study of each as a typical example, together with the means to produce a standardised and coherent approach across them.
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