Task F

F: Large scale deployment of nature-based/green-infrastructure:

Coordinator: FEEM

This work package builds upon the evidence, policy and business models and monitoring the performance of green infrastructure, as applied in the pilot studies so as to evaluate and realise the potential for considering such solutions at a higher scale. The task will provide the base for the scientific, technical and policy measures that can scale-up and multiply green infrastructure (GI) as a sustainable and economically viable solution for disaster risk reduction and management, and climate change adaptation. It will synthesize the innovative results and recommendation of task B and D, while supporting large scale deployment of GI.

Action F.1: A report including maps, on the potential of deployment of different GIs:
-> Download the Pdf

Action F.2: A guidance document including specifically targeted Copernicus downstream applications:
The analysis of governance mechanisms identifies needs and suggestions to develop governance in the light of all the findings of the project. This work will deliver evidence-based policy recommendations.
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Action F.3: A report co-produced with funders and investors such as the EIB on current and possible future funding mechanisms for GI:

Action F.4: A co-produced report on the governance requirements for large scale deployment of GI:
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